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Capri Positano

Lorna Murray engages in slow textiles production - we do not mass-produce products with factories and we follow a zero-waste design process, as closely as possible.

Instead, all hats and accessories are lovingly hand-woven and handmade by our artisans in our studio. 

As each item is individually handmade, naturally, each hat will often have its own imperfections and slight differences and we love the story that they tell.

Outlet is a selected range of our samples and second stock. 

These products are characterised with slight imperfections. This may include but is not limited to a softer weave, looser weave, a loose thread, missing grass fibre, twisted grass fibre, small dye stains or a discontinued style. 

This product is features either very small missing grass fibres, the natural grass fibre showing through the black dyed grass fibres, light staining from dye on the embroidery labels or a softer weave. 

This product is characterised with tiny parts of the natural fibre showing through the hand-dyed black grass fibres. 

Being a sustainable brand, we would like our customers to enjoy these hats regardless, rather than them going to waste.